How Does a Typical Whiplash Therapy Session Go?

Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries people suffer. It’s an extremely painful condition caused by a sudden blow from the side or rear while driving, playing sports, or doing other physically strenuous activities. Whiplash refers to the whip-like action in the neck as the head violently moves back and forth or side to side while causing soft tissue damage. The condition improves on its own, but effective whiplash therapy naturally reduces pain while accelerating healing. Here are some common chiropractic treatments you may encounter at a typical whiplash therapy session.

Chiropractic Adjustments to Relieve Pressure

A chiropractic adjustment properly aligns your body’s musculoskeletal structure to relieve pressure and pain. According to The Good Body, a health and wellness brand, chiropractors collectively do about a million chiropractic adjustments each day. Your chiropractor can do painless chiropractic adjustments that help ease pressure on the damaged soft tissue in your neck, including any affected spinal discs that cause pain due to a whiplash injury. When your neck, back, and shoulders are properly aligned, you feel less pain and can move your head and neck more freely while enabling your whiplash injury to heal naturally.

Electrostimulation Techniques

Electrostimulation is another commonly used whiplash therapy that floods the affected tissue with electrical pulses. Those pulses expel toxins and flood the damaged tissue with red blood cells that carry iron and oxygen to your afflicted area. The iron and oxygen help stimulate healing, and the therapy creates no discomfort. You enjoy a greater range of motion while your neck heals from its whiplash injury.

Neck Strengthening and Massage Therapy

A strong and loose neck helps relieve pain naturally and accelerate your body’s natural healing with the help of neck strengthening exercises and massage therapy. Neck strengthening exercises help rebuild the muscle mass that supports your head and keeps your neck and shoulders aligned. The stronger your neck becomes, the faster you’ll heal from a whiplash injury. Your chiropractor can also use massage therapy to deliver effective natural pain relief to your injured soft tissue. Massage therapy soothes sore muscles and connective tissue, which reduces inflammation and painful pressure on affected nerve endings.

Suppose you suffered a whiplash injury and are interested in the benefits of whiplash therapy. If that’s the case, you can schedule an initial appointment with Pisciottano Chiropractic Center to learn how we can help you heal naturally with chiropractic care. We look forward to hearing from you today.