3 Preventative Measures for the Best Back Pain Relief

Getting back pain treatments at a chiropractic center can do wonders for your discomfort. According to The Good Body, an online health and fitness resource, chiropractic treatment for low back pain can be up to 40% more effective than medical treatment. However, there are also a few things you can do day-to-day to minimize your back pain. Keep reading to learn about a few smart habits that you should consider moving forward.

1. Regular Exercise

This may not be news to you, but it’s worth stating that exercise can go a long way toward helping your pain. This is because exercise strengthens your core muscles, helping to support your spine. However, you may not be able to do some exercises if your pain is severe. It’s wise to talk to your clinician about which exercises are ideal for you.

With exercise also comes stretching, which is just as important. Not only does this warm up your muscles for exercise and remove lactic acid afterward, but also helps relax your muscles. With the right exercise and stretch regimen, you may be able to cut down on back pain treatments in the future.

2. Good Posture

Good posture doesn’t just look good; it will end up feeling good as well! The more you sit and stand with your back straight, the less likely you are to develop back problems. Be mindful of your posture and how your body is positioned throughout the day. If you stay diligent and pair this mindfulness with exercise, you’ll be on a great path toward managing your back pain.

3. Quality Footwear

Wearing good shoes is especially important if you find yourself walking around all day on hard surfaces like concrete. Make sure whatever you buy has great arch support and properly cushions your feet. When you make this investment, you’ll find that your legs and feet will become less tired and your back may even start feeling less pain. Spending a little more on your shoes now could save you even more on back pain treatments in the future.

Regular chiropractic treatments pair well with the preventative measures listed above. Call Pisciottano Chiropractic Center today to get started with your treatment! We welcome walk-ins and same-day appointments as well so you can get pain relief as soon as possible.