4 Benefits of Making an Appointment With a Chiropractor Today

A chiropractor can help to provide effective relief for a variety of conditions that typically cause pain and discomfort. Because of its effectiveness, chiropractic therapies are recommended for many commonly suffered injuries that trigger very painful conditions, like lower back pain. About 95% of those who experience lower back pain will recover within three months, but up to 44% will experience a recurrence within a year. If you are experiencing pain in your lower back or other parts of your body, here are four benefits of scheduling a chiropractic appointment today.

1. Natural Relief From Painful Conditions

A chiropractor can deliver effective whiplash therapy and treatment for other painful conditions that offer immediate pain relief. The treatments might include massage therapy, acupuncture, and other therapies that produce immediate pain relief while reducing swelling and inflammation. Less inflammation and swelling add up to less pressure on nerve endings that cause pain in the afflicted areas of your body.

2. Noninvasive Treatment

One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic treatment is the lack of invasive procedures. There are no surgeries or injections involved in any kind of chiropractic treatment. The only needles that you might encounter would be for acupuncture, which does not penetrate your skin and only some chiropractors use. The noninvasive nature of chiropractic treatment for whiplash therapy and other treatments eliminates the possibility of infections or other painful complications.

3. Properly Aligned Skeletal Structure

Improperly aligned joints, vertebrae, and other skeletal structures put a lot of painful pressure on soft tissue. According to The Good Body, a health products expert, 95% of those suffering from these issues will recover within a few months, with only 5% developing chronic LBP (i.e pain that lasts for three months or longer). Relieving the pressure and the pain requires properly aligning the bones, joints, or vertebrae that are placing undue pressure on connective and soft tissue. When you have less pressure on spinal discs and other soft tissues, you have less pain.

4. Enhanced Natural Healing

Whether you are obtaining whiplash therapy or other types of chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor enables your body’s natural healing to work more efficiently. Massage, therapy, electrostimulation, and other types of noninvasive treatments are designed to enable your body to recover naturally from injuries and other ailments. For example, electrostimulation uses low-level electrical pulses to flush toxins from injured tissue and flood the afflicted area with beneficial red blood cells that carry lots of iron and oxygen to accelerate natural healing.

If you’re experiencing back, neck, or joint pain, don’t hesitate to seek out a service that can alleviate it. You can obtain the many aforementioned benefits of chiropractic treatment by calling our friendly staff and scheduling your first appointment with Pisciottano Chiropractic Center today.